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Stall holders information / payment page

We are currently looking for stall holders for the Mind Body and Spirit event (Good Friday Rally) on the 19th April 2019. If you would like to have a stall to sell products or provide services please in the first place phone

Penny on 01462 893579

or Contact us for availability.

Once Penny has confirmed there is a pitch available for you, you can pay online using the form below. Our booking staff will provide you with our alternative payment methods if you do not wish to pay online via Paypal´s secure server.

Each standard pitch is approximatly 6´0" (183 cm) long by 4´6" (137 cm) and costs £25.00. A 6 foot table and up to 2 chairs will be provided per pitch. An electrical supply is located close to some of the pitches, however the hirer may need to provide an extension cable from the plug socket to their pitch. Any mains electrical equipment including extension cables used must be PAT tested. Any hirer requiring more than 500 W of electrical power needs to contact our technical department about their specific requirements.

For additional information, please Contact us

Order process step

Enter your order details

Enter your payment details and click on the NEXT >>> button. If you are paying for a pitch please contact us first; to check availabilty and book a pitch first with Penny. Once Penny has confirmed a pitch is available for you, use the form below to pay for your pitch.







All payments and transaction details are processed using Paypal´s secure server. You can pay using your paypal account or via any major credit card

Stall holders Terms and Conditions

We are still working on the Terms and Conditions for stall holders in conjunction with the Wodson centre

WEBSITE ADDRESS: http://www.a2zidx.com/?x78

WEBSITE (Optional)
The GFR team will provide one pitch of 6 feet x 4.6 feet space in the main hall of the venue.
This will include one table approx. 6ft x 2.5ft and at least one chair
Some pitches will be near electricity sockets and if this is required the stallholder must make this clear upon first enquiring about availability. Any electrical items to be used on the day Must be current PAT marked, 500 watts max, and responsible placement of cables will be the stallholders responsibility.
A space will not be considered as booked until payment is made of £25.00. There are a limited number of spaces so please pay promptly upon your successful enquiry. Details of how to pay will be given upon application. Therapists working on the day MUST have their own Public Liability Insurance.

Entry to the venue will be possible from 9 am.
All stalls and content must be cleared away by 5.15 pm to enable the hall to be set up for the evening service. This includes cups, litter etc.
The public will be admitted to the Rally from 10am . The service will start at 6.30pm
Candles may be on view for sale but not lit.
All stallholders are responsible for their own health and safety and need to be mindfull of keeping pathways and fire exits clear and free from any tripping hazards. Any spillages should be cleaned up immediately.
Stall holders are asked to contact the venue direct for information about loading and unloading restrictions. There is a large car park at the venue and disabled parking spaces near the main entrance.

For more info please email Penny at baldockpenny@hotmail.co.uk or telephone 07747141584

While we hope that the information has been of help to you; we appreciate that everyone´s requirements are different and invite you to view our Frequently asked questions or contact us if you have questions about this website.

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The next event will be on the 19th April 2019

The next Mind Body and Spirit event will be held at Wodson Park Sports & Leisure Centre SG12 0UQ on the the 19th April 2019

The next event will be similar to the last event but is planned to be even bigger.

Click here to visit the last Mind Body and Spirit event page

If you are interested in having a pitch for the next event please click here for general information.

About the last event held on 30th March 2018

The next Mind Body and Spirit event will be held at the Wodson Park Sports & Leisure Centre SG12 0UQ (How to get there) on the 30th March 2018

A full program will be available shortly.

Click here to visit the main Mind Body and Spirit event page

If you are interested in having a pitch please click here

Stalls / pitches

If you would like a stall / pitch at our event to sell goods or provide a service please click here for more information or to pay online for your pitch

Please help us by making a donation

We are raising funds to promote a Spiritualists Gathering on Good Friday, where events, music, workshops & entertainment is held under one roof for free (Sittings & refreshments are charged for.). We will also have a range of stalls with a wide variety of goods / services available.

We welcome YOUR voluntary donation to help us meet the venue hire costs for this revival of ´The Good Friday Rally´ that was started over 50 years ago by the Arisen Past President of Aylesbury Spiritualist Church, Billy Elton.

We would appreciate any donations to help us make this event a success.

If you are a member of a church or group please consider doing a fund raising event to help raise money for us.

All payments are processed through Paypal´s secure server. No banking information is held on this site.

To donate £20.00 click on the following donate button and select a payment method.

To donate your own amount, please click on the donate button below and then enter the amount you would like to donate and select a paymant method.

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About our 100 club

For just £1.00 per month you can win 50 percent of the current months membership fee. This not only allows us to raise much needed funds but also allows our members to win. For full details please click here

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