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Spiritualists Good Friday Rally Meeting at Colney Fox 14th Nov 2017
Spiritualists Good Friday Rally Meeting at Colney Fox 14th Nov 2017

This community group was started in September 2016 and the group has several aims, sitting underneath one overarching theme. To promote greater Spirituality within the Spiritualist Churches, Centres, Groups, Organisations and individuals
This is in several ways;

  • to weekly email Spiritual Literature, of philosophical readings and book extracts, to those who request to be on the mailing list
  • to run free quarterly seminars, open to all spiritualist churches, centres, groups and individuals on pursuing a greater depth and understanding of the Spiritual dimensions
  • to run fundraising events to fund our endeavours
  • to re-commence the annual 'Good Friday Rally' started by Billy Elton President of Aylesbury Spiritualist Church over 45 years ago, and to work to keep it as an annual event.
The beneficiaries of this community group are Spiritualist Churches, Centres, Groups and individual Spiritualists.

Us three trustees of Paths 2 Spirit, myself and Penelope Cook and my husband James Bates; are in agreement that opening a Treasurers account with your branch is a great way forward for us, as a community group.

The opening of the account was discussed between myself the Chair and Penelope Cook the Secretary and James Bates the Treasurer of Paths 2 Spirit. It was agreed at the committee meeting on the 7th July that as the nominated committee members Penelope and myself would become the authorised signatories for this account.

Lesley James had been in Hitchin Church to take a Workshop Day on the 2nd July 2016 and then started talking to Penny Cook, the Church President, who had been there and was now going to close the church. Lesley´s husband, James Bates, was also present (Lesley uses her previous surname for her Spiritual work.) The three chatted for some time, the topics ranged far and wide. Then they started to talk about the Sunday service and how the ´Spirituality´, the loving embodiment of Spiritualism, was somehow weakening in dynamic importance within the Sunday Divine Service.

This was seen in several ways, the lessening of strong ´Spiritual´ content in the given reading, and, in some cases in a few services no reading or address was given in the Divine Service. Then, when given, some readings had no reverence or relevance to ´Spiritualism´ in any sense.

Lesley, Penny and James, agreed there was a gap in providing material and support to churches/centres and also to give any guidance and support to mediums working on the church/centre Circuit.

Lesley emailed several people who it was thought may wish to become involved in working in various ways to bring ´a stronger focus on Spiritualism in the Divine Service´.

The small committee met several times and planned an ´interactive seminar´ day. It was set to be held at Hitchin Spiritualist Church on Saturday the 22nd October, from 10.00 – 4.30pm.

Invites had been sent out to all the Spiritualist National Union churches within the North West London region plus approximately 15 other churches/groups/centres within the region. The theme would be ´Working to revitalise the address within the ´Divine Service´. The programme was known beforehand, so the 39+ who had said they would attend came prepared for the work on hand. 46 people registered.

The programme consisted of arrival; register, refreshments. Welcome and introductions: This was a prayer, then laying out what we were hoping to achieve. Then, Steve Allen a seasoned spiritualist, retold information how the mediums of yesteryear worked and how they filled the audiences with awe and respect. How the atmosphere within the venue was quiet and filled with anticipation.

The first session was, "Are we wishing for the Moon?" there was a broad ranging discussion where strangers spoke with passion. After the tea break another talking session where we asked the 46 people present; if they could agree what made a good address?

The third session of the morning was to listen to a ´Silver Birch´ trance address that asked those present to be in the present and feel the spirit within.

After the supplied lunch those present listened to an inspired address. It laid out the support available via Spirit.

The next session we asked those present: Are There Guidelines for Churches/Mediums?

After the tea break, we had an overshadowed address, which really empowered church representatives and mediums alike, its raw enthralling power spoke of the spirituality within Spiritualism – how magical. The final session was to work together on the thoughts on ´Where to Now´. After further discussion it was asked from the floor that we should meet regularly, and quarterly was agreed. To be, October, January, April and July. This then provided several aspects of new ´Spirituality´ work areas to ´address´.

This became the basis of work for the second interactive seminar four months later in January 2017. At Welwyn Garden City Christian Spiritualist Church, 26 people said they would be there, and 35 attended. One result from this day was that there was felt to be a lack of good material to use for the reading within the Divine Service. Lesley James offered to send out two readings each week, to help churches/committee members have a resource, and for others to use this as part of their spiritual awareness or circle work or as a personal reference.

This very successful interactive seminar had wanted us to move further out and see if we can´t spread this movement further afield – so a meeting in Essex was agreed for the 22nd April. It was hard to find the correct venue, but with the help of the lovely Epping Spiritualist Church, the April Meeting took place in Thornwood Village Hall, Epping, 32 people said yes and 38 attended.

If you are aware of any other person who would like to receive the readings each week please ask them to contact us. Bless you.

While we hope that the information has been of help to you; we appreciate that everyone´s requirements are different and invite you to view our Frequently asked questions or contact us if you have questions about this website.

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The next event will be on the 19th April 2019

The next Mind Body and Spirit event will be held at Wodson Park Sports & Leisure Centre SG12 0UQ on the the 19th April 2019

The next event will be similar to the last event but is planned to be even bigger.

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About the last event held on 30th March 2018

The next Mind Body and Spirit event will be held at the Wodson Park Sports & Leisure Centre SG12 0UQ (How to get there) on the 30th March 2018

A full program will be available shortly.

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