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Welcome to the Spiritualists´ Good Friday Rally website

The next Good Friday Rally will be on the 30th March 2018

Spiritualists Good Friday Rally, Billy Elton from Aylesbury church
Billy Elton from Aylesbury church

Spiritualists Good Friday Rally, Billy Elton from Aylesbury church
Billy Elton from Aylesbury church

Spiritualists Good Friday Rally, Billy Elton from Aylesbury, Jean Sabatini Amersham Spiritualist Centre, International Medium Colin Fry
Billy Elton from Aylesbury, Jean Sabatini Amersham Spiritualist Centre, International Medium Colin Fry

The planning team at the Colney Fox 15 Jan 2018
The planning team at the Colney Fox 15 Jan 2018

Colney Fox 15 Jan 2018
Colney Fox 15 Jan 2018

Spiritual Artist Bill Forrester with happy recipient, showing drawing of loved one
Spiritual Artist Bill Forrester with happy recipient, showing drawing of loved one (2008)

The Luton Male Voice Choir
The Luton Male Voice Choir (2008)

The Good Friday Rally, started by medium, Billy Elton, from Aylesbury Church, many years ago, was always an occasion to remember. I first attended nearly 25 years ago. Once a year, members of spiritualist churches from all over the south of England flocked to meet, celebrating their love of the spiritualist way of life and sharing some very special time together.

We would arrive by the coach and car load, full of expectation, as we piled into schools and halls that had been lovingly filled with all sorts of delights - from gift stalls to healing, therapies to aura photography, private readings to horoscopes - and much more.

My greatest memory was of the feelings of belonging, of being with like minded people. I was so sad when it all came to an end some seven years ago. Following the death of Billy Elton, nobody seemed to want to keep the event going ... until now.

At last, we have a group of people, ably headed by Lesley James of ´Paths2spirit´, willing to put in the hard work and determination to reinvent and run the Spiritualists´ Good Friday Rally on Friday 30th March 2018. All we need is YOU. With your help we can make next year´s event day to remember. There´s a lot of work to do and we need some volunteers. You don´t have to do much - many hands make light work, after all. Most of all we need your support, enthusiasm and encouragement.

This is what we are proposing:

We already have a website, so visit it regularly as we keep you updated. Join our mailing list so we can email the latest updates. (Currently just email us to be added to our mailing list).

We also need your input:

  • Memories and photos of past events
  • Offers of help
  • Suggestions
  • Financial help
  • Names of potential stall holders etc.

If you or someone you know, would be interested in having a stall, get in touch (using the 'contact us' form.) And if you, or a friend, have entertainment skills, let us know - we still have some entertainment slots available.

This event is for all spirtitualist churches, members and anyone else who is interested

Dispite having little upfront finance, entrance will be free but we will be selling raffle tickets and we would also welcome a small donation from your church or perhaps you could do a fund raising event for us to help us on our way.

There will be stalls, private sittings, psychic art, healing, workshops, demonstrations of clairvoyance, entertainment with live music, refreshments, places to get together with your long lost friends and a service in the evening with Medium, Billy Cook.

What better way to spend next Easter, by attending the Spiritualists´ Good Friday Rally, 30th March 2018?

We will be updating this website as we get new content and complete some of the sections that are corrently under construction.

Images from previous events

We have a number of images from previous events but would welcome any images you have that we can include. If you have some images taken at any of the previous events it will be nice to include a more comprehensive historical record. To have your images considered please contacts us for details on how to forward your images to us

Click here to view some images from previous events

Your stories

Many previous members have interesting or funny stories about their experiencies relating to previous events or spiritualisum in general and we would love it if you would share then. If you have a story to share simply just use the contact form to email it to us.

Can you PLEASE help us spread the word including sharing on social media

As many of you know the Spiritualists´ Good Friday Rally was created for all spiritualists, spiritualist churches and people interested in spiritualism to come together with the following objectives:-

  • Learn more about spiritualism.
  • Network with other Spiritualist´s
  • Reach out to others interested in Spiritualism.
  • Have a fun day together and meet friends and create new friendships.
  • Attract new people interested in Spiritualism to our local churches.
  • Provide readings.
  • Provide spiritual healing.
  • Share additional information.
  • Provide demonstrations of mediumship.

To make this event a success we need to reach out and spread the word about Spiritualism NOT only to all the existing Churches in the southern counties but also to people who may not currently attend any of the Spiritualist Churches. We all have an opportunity to reach-out to tell other people about this event and local Spiritualist Churches.

Everyone can do a bit to support Spiritualism, not only by attending the event themselves but also telling anyone they know about the event.

One of the best ways to spread the word (cost effectivelly today) is also by using social media and we would like as many people to help as possible.

What we need is people who:-

  • Are members of any Spiritualist groups or forums
  • Can join Spiritualist groups and forums
  • Can join groups and forums that are directly or indirectly to related to Spiritualism or have members that would be interested in Spiritualism, having readings or just knowing more.
  • Can join groups and forums foucused in their local area. All towns and areas have their own groups na forums and most of these are only for local residents so we need you.

Just a quick point about how valuable you are. Even if you have someone else you know is doing this we also need you. The reason for this is that you can also help by just Liking others posts as well as doing posts youself.

If you have any ideas on groups or forums others can join please use the contact us with yous suggestions.

Tip Please make a list of the forums and groups you have joined including the full link (Url copied from your web browsers address bar). We suggest that you save them into a text document or spread sheet. These can then be shared with others so that we can generate more interest. You can also use the list to ensure that you make any update posts to all of the groups and forims you are a member of.

If you are sharing this website on forums, groups, emails or anywhere where people can click to visit please use the following link

If sharing on printed matter (where people need to type in the link into their browsers address bar) you can use

but we suggest that you use the link including the http part.

Please use the contact us form if you can help share information on social media

We will be periodically creating information for you to share on social media. You can then just share it to all the groups and forums you are a member of but to do this we need to be able to email to the info.

To receive this information simply use the contact us form and just say something like

Please email me any information I can share on my spiritual groups and forums

Your help is vital to not only the success of this event but to help boost the attendance and membership of all the Spiritualist Churches, many of which need to increase their congregations.

Please help us by making a donation

We would appreciate any donations to help us make this event a success. Payments are made through Paypal´s secure server. No banking information is held on this site.

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